Nope? Me neither!!!

February 13, 2012

Nope? – Me neither!

Have you ever censored yourself in a post or tweet because you thought it would send some neanderthal, bible thumping/not reading/ ‘friend’ on a witch-hunting tirade and it just isnt worth it, but you died a little inside?

Have you ever not ‘unfriended/blocked’ some IDIOT because you want to take the highroad, be tolerate ‘hey we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable’ and thoughtful just to find out later that they secretly unfriended/blocked you?

Have you ever not ‘unfriended/blocked’ some IDIOT you were fool enough to DATE because you want to take the highroad, be tolerate, we can be friends, because ‘we respect each other even though we dont date anymore’ and thoughtful just to find out later that they secretly unfriended/blocked you?

Have you ever failed to respond to a post/tweet because you cant believe how inane, stupid, inarticulate, unintelligent and superannuated it is. There is no way that you have time or energy to present the background material necessary to bring this fool up to speed! There is no way to make a public response that is not dripping or disdain and contempt! When in truth, you dont do it because you know that nothing you say will remotely nick the concrete bubble encasing where their brain would be?

Have you ever failed to reblog/reshare/retweet a post or picture that is a little, edgy, bawdy, politically charged although tasteful and hysterical for fear that you would offend some fool and the controversy just isnt worth it?

Have you ever had a ‘internet/social media’ conversation with someone who is defensive, rude, erratic and illogical so that you worry about their meds and treatment program when some other friend signs on/ so signs / likes the idiot post, causing you to reexamine every conversation that you have had with them….?

Nope Me neither….

Hello world!

February 8, 2012

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