February 26, 2013

When is a name deserving of ridicule? When is a child appropriate to curse?

I am projecting. I am thinking of this little girl as if she were my child. I think that a lot of people who are casual about this matter would feel differently if they too projected that she was their daughter. Those who know or have heard of me, know how absolutely professionally catastrophic it can be to provoke my maternal protective instinct.  I think that is why I find the comments about her name and her bearing as so very inappropriate. I don’t suffer fools gladly… you don’t get to protect your kids while mistreating mine. They called her a cunt because she is well spoken and articulate and they want to put her in her place. She has bearing and talent and brains and beauty and they think that she is getting too big for her britches… needs to remember that this is America and at best she is, as a black female, a 4th class citizens. They balk at demands for the respect and courtesy she would receive without asking but for being a black female. But they have made a mistake, we won’t turn on her like some did with Gabby Douglas, we won’t police our own for them. and we won’t let them train our girls… maybe it was losing Hadiah that woke us up… maybe it was knowing that people rose up to protect Kate’s breast, so the soul and mind and heart of this and every little girl was valuable too. The War on Women, One Billion Raising… I don’t know…  I keep thinking of Trayvon and Emmet and the too many children who don’t get to grow up and old and figure out that their parents were right a lot more than they were wrong.  I think about my own daughter and the pitiful excuse for a human being who told her that she was intimidating…  of the mixed chick wanna be who suggested that she perm her hair to be ‘pretty’…  The woman who refused to sign me for ballet class, because you people are built for jazz or Modern… The teacher who suggested that my son would not do well in swimming because of the racial difference in lungs…  the one who split up two little friends, one black the other white and told me casually to my face. I thought your child’s grades would go down when I split them up… but they went up… isn’t that strange…  or the man who slapped the crying baby on the plane because he thought that his race and gender entitled him to do so…  For those who are angered by cries of racism and sexism I will concede the following. Perhaps you are right, and this is really about Patriarchy and white privilege!