#BlogHer13 HERE I COME!!! #LoveTheNewbie Eight Things I hope to get out of my first BlogHer Conference

#BlogHer13     HERE I COME!!!  #LoveTheNewbie

Eight Things I hope to get out of my first BlogHer Conference

 * New Friends –

Support, nurture, repeat! – my attitude toward friendship.  As a Newbie Blogger,  to have friends, to know women, who feel the need to blog…  will feed my spirit.

 * How to Market and Still be True to Me-

Often, it seems that one has to comprise to the point of loss of identity in order to get along and be seen, in order to be heard.  If I stop being me – my message will be as lost as I.

 * Tools-

A key to effective use of social media, is knowing what tools re available and how to use them.  As one new to the industry, I look forward to hearing about different tool, experiences with those tools and how to use them.  Also – there are tools, still in development that will be discussed and could give a leg up on the future.

 * Presentations and Information-

I want to meet and learn from others.  Where are you? How did you get there? Would you do anything differently?  To know women happy in the Blogging profession–and who hopeful share and can expand my perspective and  area of expertise

 * Talking your ear off-

Conferences are not just for taking. They are also excellent opportunities for giving. I look forward to sharing my thoughts, experiences, goals, with others, for constructive criticism and advice.

 * Time Off for Good Behavior-

I need a break from my daily routine and tasks. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and my family, but if ‘someone leaves the gate open’ I owe it to myself to RUN. A chance to shake things up learn a lot and have some fun will be refreshing and re-energizing

 * Reflection-

It is not often, in the hectic lives we lead, do we have a chance to step back and reflect on our professional life, career and job.  BlogHer13 will allow me to pull away from the daily mechanics and be more philosophic about my blog and my work.

 * Network, network, network . –

New People, New Blogs, New Perspectives, New Opportunities!!  YAY  ♥


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