What Is Your Awkward Gynecologist Story?

October 9, 2013

What Is Your Awkward Gynecologist Story?

Did you read about Emmy Rossum, who plays Fiona Gallagher on SHAMLESS on Showtime? http://www.eonline.com/news/466223/emmy-rossum-tweets-about-mortifying-encounter-with-her-gynecologist

On October 1, 2013, she tweeted about running into her OB/GYN and not recognizing him and how embarrassing it was.

   Image  Image  Image

Ms Rossum is 27 and when I was about her age, I had a similar experience.

I was a young attorney attending a ‘social/ network’ cocktail party.  As I was also young, single and gorgeous, I was stalking a handsome man who I believed was interested in me.  Making the rounds at the cocktail party, I spotted a handsome older gentleman, who I could not place.  I knew that I knew him, but just could not pull all the facts together.  Finally, I mentioned my confusion to a man friend of a mutual woman friend, who answered immediately without hesitation and with great authority.  “That’s Dr. (insert name), he is one of the most respected OB/GYN in the city” In an instant it clicked and I exclaimed, loud enough for the doctor to hear. “YES, YES! He is my doctor”.   The good Doctor looked up and smiled as I moved toward him and said hello. He graciously introduced me to his wife, at which point I apologized for not recognizing him immediately.  “I guess I don’t know you when I have on pants and am standing” He smiled and asked if it would help if he had on a white coat. I agreed, “yes, that and a rubber glove, but then you would have to ask me to slide down and relax”    

Do you have an awkward OB/GYN Story?

How is your interaction with medical professionals in general?

8 shot overnight! Questions every Chicagoan needs to ask

October 8, 2013

This is a question that every Chicago resident should contemplate?

I woke this morning to news that 8 people were shot overnight in Chicago!

If the Mayor has put more cops on the street, as a police presence, and more on the street as community liaisons, outreach, why is crime still ‘high’ in poor, black and brown communities and still low or non-existent in wealthier and white communities?

Where are these police officers who are working to make black brown and poor neighborhoods safer? Because we have had a rash of park shootings and it feels like that outreach, community liaison officers are not in the information loop! And the extra policing isn’t helping either!

Or maybe the ‘additional officers’ were not real? Or they are real, but were placed in communities where they are not needed as badly? Or perhaps the crime statistics spouted by the media are doctored to make brown and black communities seem more violent and dangerous, when in fact they really aren’t.

The bottom line is that it is not working. The mayor is being ‘booed’ at Northwestern games  because someone has finally figured out that you can’t sacrifice a part of the city to lawlessness because the residents are poor and black and brown.  Image

Morning Side Eye

October 3, 2013

Okay- I wish I had a picture, but moments ago I just so a sight so delightfully contradictory, oxymoronic and redundant that I have to share


North Bound Lake Shore Drive

Morning rush

Fast lane

A light beige hybrid compact car

With dark tinted windows

On a cloudy day

Going very slow for Lake Shore Drive – like 40mph in a 45mph where everyone does 60mph.

Driven by a 30-something white guy in sun glasses


#NoSunNoShades  #ItCanWait   #dontTEXTandDrive   #getGPS    


October 2, 2013

When I get up before 5 am I have very productive day and am more than a little cranky

So when I was getting gas and overheard the following because the guy next to me was on his cell, I just had to share.

Guy pumping gas: “So what did the doctor say?”

 Voice on cell: blah blah blah

Guy pumping gas: “Scabies, what the fuck? What is that?”

Voice on cell: BLAH BLAH BLAH

Guy pumping gas: “Man- you gotta stop dating them pirates! Damn, get you a regular girl with a regular diseases?”

Voice on cell:  FUCK YOU! MAN_ FUCK YOU!


An Attitude of Gratitude

October 2, 2013

To start the day with gratitude,

First, I want to thank the woman who parked in front of my house and let her children throw trash from the car onto my lawn. Your support of my new exercise program is greatly appreciated that numerous pieces of trash scattered on the lawn made it possible for me to bend and squat my way to better fitness and flexibility.

Second, to the woman who walked down the middle of the street pushing a child in the stroller and a toddler at her side, when the side walk was clear, dry and free of obstacles, in broad daylight. Thank you for slowing me down to a crawl while driving home.  It is better for the environment, gas consumption and gave me time to contemplate about kinder gentler times, when people walked on sidewalks.

Next, to the person who drove down my block at 445am this morning with music blaring. Your kind thoughtful act woke me to a beautiful day with 45minute to go before I had set my alarm to go off.  It gave me time to organize and meditate on my day… instead of sleep.

Finally, to the gentleman who had the screaming fight on the phone with some woman as he walked down my street.  I now know that my hearing is excellent.  I also not that Jennifer shouldn’t have messed around, because you loved her and were going to take her places. You were fine with her flirting but took exception to her fucking your best friend and no, you didn’t fuck her mother… it was just a blow job.