An Attitude of Gratitude

To start the day with gratitude,

First, I want to thank the woman who parked in front of my house and let her children throw trash from the car onto my lawn. Your support of my new exercise program is greatly appreciated that numerous pieces of trash scattered on the lawn made it possible for me to bend and squat my way to better fitness and flexibility.

Second, to the woman who walked down the middle of the street pushing a child in the stroller and a toddler at her side, when the side walk was clear, dry and free of obstacles, in broad daylight. Thank you for slowing me down to a crawl while driving home.  It is better for the environment, gas consumption and gave me time to contemplate about kinder gentler times, when people walked on sidewalks.

Next, to the person who drove down my block at 445am this morning with music blaring. Your kind thoughtful act woke me to a beautiful day with 45minute to go before I had set my alarm to go off.  It gave me time to organize and meditate on my day… instead of sleep.

Finally, to the gentleman who had the screaming fight on the phone with some woman as he walked down my street.  I now know that my hearing is excellent.  I also not that Jennifer shouldn’t have messed around, because you loved her and were going to take her places. You were fine with her flirting but took exception to her fucking your best friend and no, you didn’t fuck her mother… it was just a blow job.


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