When I get up before 5 am I have very productive day and am more than a little cranky

So when I was getting gas and overheard the following because the guy next to me was on his cell, I just had to share.

Guy pumping gas: “So what did the doctor say?”

 Voice on cell: blah blah blah

Guy pumping gas: “Scabies, what the fuck? What is that?”

Voice on cell: BLAH BLAH BLAH

Guy pumping gas: “Man- you gotta stop dating them pirates! Damn, get you a regular girl with a regular diseases?”

Voice on cell:  FUCK YOU! MAN_ FUCK YOU!



One Response to DON’T DATE PIRATES!!!

  1. Uh oh… I just bought that pirate hat at Disneyland… but scabies and rabies and scurvy have traditionally confused people.

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