What Is Your Awkward Gynecologist Story?

What Is Your Awkward Gynecologist Story?

Did you read about Emmy Rossum, who plays Fiona Gallagher on SHAMLESS on Showtime? http://www.eonline.com/news/466223/emmy-rossum-tweets-about-mortifying-encounter-with-her-gynecologist

On October 1, 2013, she tweeted about running into her OB/GYN and not recognizing him and how embarrassing it was.

   Image  Image  Image

Ms Rossum is 27 and when I was about her age, I had a similar experience.

I was a young attorney attending a ‘social/ network’ cocktail party.  As I was also young, single and gorgeous, I was stalking a handsome man who I believed was interested in me.  Making the rounds at the cocktail party, I spotted a handsome older gentleman, who I could not place.  I knew that I knew him, but just could not pull all the facts together.  Finally, I mentioned my confusion to a man friend of a mutual woman friend, who answered immediately without hesitation and with great authority.  “That’s Dr. (insert name), he is one of the most respected OB/GYN in the city” In an instant it clicked and I exclaimed, loud enough for the doctor to hear. “YES, YES! He is my doctor”.   The good Doctor looked up and smiled as I moved toward him and said hello. He graciously introduced me to his wife, at which point I apologized for not recognizing him immediately.  “I guess I don’t know you when I have on pants and am standing” He smiled and asked if it would help if he had on a white coat. I agreed, “yes, that and a rubber glove, but then you would have to ask me to slide down and relax”    

Do you have an awkward OB/GYN Story?

How is your interaction with medical professionals in general?


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