February 28, 2014


 Don’t be Stuck on Stupid!! Representation Matters and you KNOW IT!!!


I am late to the party and fell the need to throw in my two cents as if it were paper money.  So there is a album cover with three women who look white and Pharrell. Then folk choke his collar and he responded –“ hey that girl there is black – you just don’t know” – book cover judging people.


You and I both know that representation matters and that it doesn’t matter how anyone self identifies in a picture without caption. What matters is how they visually identify or represent.  Little black girls need to see themselves and know that they have value. I need to look at Album art and think she looks like my daughter/ cousin/ sister/ friend/ me.   Art conveys a message

You know that because you picked this picture for a reason. You could have had anything on the cover – but you picked this – this is the message that you choose?… 

So don’t bring your melodramatic misdirection to my representation matters party.  None of your ‘listen to the music’ tears, “I am an artist” tears or “my old girlfriend identifies as black” tears.  Save those for the tragic mulatto and sisters are sooo  difficult party.

At the Representation Matters party, come with something that reflects that you are a thoughtful, proud black man who sees beauty in black women, among others and appreciates the need for proper and appropriate representation. 

Like the many hats you wear, you play many roles and some of them are as ugly as those hats.  One that is not, is as a style maker and trend setter.  The trend of ignoring black women is so 2012 and the style of black woman as invisible at best and ugly as worse is as played as polos and argyle!!


Now excuse me while I gather all the “don’t be a dick” “I wont buy your bullshit” tears I shed in my magical invisible thimble.