Black American History in 50 Movies

January 28, 2015

Black American History in 50 Movies.


One of the takeaways in compiling this list was the sinking realization of how far we still have to go in recording black history in ways that engage people beyond the little that we must be “required” to know. Left to evaluate the extent of black contributions to American history by what we are taught in school, one might write-off the record of the African American as a five-minute slave-to-civil rights pipeline unit in class. What Americans need to know about black people as an educational standard shrinks every year, which is sad since the baseline is already so low. Even with well over 100 hours of viewing there is a lot of history missing here, such is the depth and range of black contributions to the American experiment.

I offer that as both qualifier and challenge.

28 Black Films You Need To See To Keep Your Race Card

January 28, 2015


Scott Woods Makes Lists

Seeing as how Black History Month has already started, this list is a little late. And yet, after a conversation with someone I THOUGHT was a good friend today, I realized that it’s never too late to get your black card revoked for not having done your homework. You can’t be a truly progressive modern black person if you haven’t at least seen these 28 films. Think of this as a Black History Month advent calendar: 28 days to better blackness,* complete with reasons why.

Day 1 – Purple Rain

If you want to know why Prince is still such a big deal at 55 and bringing in Super Bowl ratings at 11:00 at night on a shit show like New Girl it’s because 30 years ago he did this little student film called The Kid & His Weird Biker Gang, totally reinventing not only what it meant to…

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