A Friend’s Betrayal

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

A friends Betrayal.

“It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them.”

― Confucius

I recently learned about a betrayal by a close and dear friend. betrayal quote

I recently learned that a friend told other friends of mine that I was adopted when I had no idea that I was adopted.

I really want you to take a moment to picture this.

Joan told Maureen that she knew that my aunt was, in fact, my biological mother.

Maureen asked how could that be and Joan said older people in her family knew older members of my family.

And no one told me.

kelly confused

It saddens me so. Because I cared for her and trusted her. I have to question her need to control information. It gave her a sense of power and control and for reasons I will never know… she needed that.

It enrages me because…

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