Living in District Boundaries: Why Jackie Robinson West being stripped of their title is all about Race

The Uppity Negro

JRW trophy

In full disclosure, I am a native Chicagoan.

I proudly state “I was born and raised, South Side of Chicago” and I wear it like a blue ribbon earned in a 1st grade spelling bee.  Being able to claim the South Side of Chicago is a badge of honor amongst other blacks like being able to say you were born and raised in Harlem or West Side of Detroit.  It rings with a certain air of positive black culture.  Growing up in the 1990s, I was a child of hearing the gruesome news stories about the crime and violence from the projects not overly far from the Hyde Park/Kenwood neighborhood I was raised, but I’ll never forget the story of Lenard Clark in 1997.

I was the same age as Lenard Clark and he was beat up by fellow white teenagers in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.  The perpetrators…

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