First you Survive/ Then you Thrive


I was born this way!egyptian queen

I woke up like this

I woke up QUEENblack elizabethian queen

Why do we tell little girls that she is a princess,

until some man makes her a /his queen.

Yet we tell little boys that they are Kings.

Did you ever tell a little boy that he is a prince,

until some woman made him a/her king.

No, he was born this way – he woke up like this.

You tell women that their value is tied to a man,

and without a man they are less than.

and then

you wonder why

they compete so for the attention of any ole piece of man.

are vicious and unloving toward each other.

I know two women who have shared with me,

that they were told by their mothers not to trust other women.

I don’t want my son marry a…

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