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First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

Today I am sad at hearing the news of the death of a friend’s mother.introspective

I am sad because she was a lovely vibrant woman, a real character and you don’t get a lot of those in this life. And because she was a big part of my childhood and that will never come again.

So, in celebration of her life I am telling one of my favorite memories of her.

When my Grandmother dies, after a long illness, the women gathered as we do, to prop up the exhausted family.

It was as the services and obituary were being prepared. There was wine and memories and laughter.

I was present with a girl friend who had come over expecting a more solemn occasion, my aunts, the surviving daughters of my grandmother and two family friends, Miss Bea and Miss Cindy.

Now as a point of information and a little…

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