I stopped using them to wash my dog, she got a rash

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

I hope you mean well and I hope you can really hear me.rupaul opera glasses
“I dont see color” is a microaggression.
My culture and color are important to me and I will not allow them to be dismissed and demeaned.im black yall
Race and racism are ingrained in amercan culture and history. racism is oppressive.
Privilege allows the oppressor class to ignore race and oppression.
That is what I would like you to examine. How the anchor’s comments was an inappropriate oppressive representation of all that is immoral, unethical and hurtful about the racial history in the US and UK. I dont know how many black friends you have or if you even consider yourself an ally. One of the first things one must do to truly be an ally is to listen. Really listen to what the people you wish to assist are saying. Then ask how you can help. Telling me…

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