on Charleston, white frigility and Forgiveness

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

what is forgiveness?

why is it the ooftah and white privilege go to in times of racial strife?

why did white slavers work so hard to give the enslaved the whitejesus religion that they dont follow?

there is a popular notion is society that to forgive someone is to hold them harmless and blameless.
this is very different and often confused for the forgiveness that accepts the past and frees the wronged person to live fully.
many christians in my experience think that forgiveness means that you maintain the abusive relationship when you forgive the wrongdoer. that you keep taking their shit.

I wont speak to anyone else only my concept. Because white people in america always want to be let off the hook for the bullshit that they say and do to black people. to never apologize, never change grow become better fuller human being.


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