My Marvelous and imperfect SELF

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

this weekend has been a grounding and enlightening rollercoaster.
when you meditate on growth and change… it may not come in the form you expect. BUT IT WILL COME

so medical tests and a trip to the ER reminded me to take MUCH better care of
my BODY.
my MIND.

As I grow and change my relationships are forced to change. (equal and opposite force equation)
some resist it.
others embrace it
some are terrified of it
and others intrigued.

I am reminded that everyone is on a path…
even if I don’t get it

I am reminded to always trust my
and follow my

I am so proud of my
lovely and
children who rallied to care for me.

and I promise to keep the promise to live each day fully
embrace and embody my TRUTH
embrace and embody my PASSION
to not ingest…

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