July 29, 2015

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

this is not about multitasking it is about prioritizing.

Foreign Lions have more value than BLACK LIVES.

the same people who are crying for Cecil are often claiming that Sandra was uppity and Freddie was guilty and Mike was a thief.

these are some of the same people who respond to BLACK LIVES MATTER with ALL LIVES MATTER or some other bullshit.

don’t come at me without a full appreciation and understanding or race in America.naomi check your lipstik

the mutilation and destruction of black bodies is as much a part of the racists structure of american psyche as privilege.

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yes, I understand you. I speak racist privilege

July 29, 2015

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

1. Black people: #blacklivesmatter

White privileges: all lives matter

white tears

2. Black people: America has a history of racism and oppression

White privilege: no it doesn’t.


3. Black people: cultural appropriation is wrong. Don’t steal my culture when you don’t value my life

White privilege: my grandparents came here with nothing and you want reparations.lynching postcard

4. Black women: white women copy our fashion and then disrespect us

White male media: they are young be nice, no one owns a haircut

african queem

1) insert 2) deny 3) derail 4) get defended/protected by ppl and/or media.
The expected.black power salute

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♫ say you want a revolution…

July 25, 2015

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

how do we attack, dismantle and destroy structural racism?flag-noose

some questions, the answers to which will lead to the solution include;
what is the historical context of the problem? IMG_1559
for the each of the factors that flag bondagecontributes to the problem there are communities and persons who benefit.
these must be identified in order to address and neutralize them.flag prison

the haphazard approach to addressing the problem has failed repeated at worse and have limited gains at best.flag lynching

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Nothing but WHITE

July 24, 2015

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

dee tired

I really really resent when people,white privilege

especially white people want to argue race with nothing but privilege.

No historical reference.4a39468u - Group of Contrabands - Library of Congress - reduced size

No cultural analysis.lynching postcard

No consideration of structural systems or social constructs.Featured Image -- 253
And then to then say “explain it to me”.

Am I really expected to do all the heavy lifting?kerry washington fuck you smile

you can’t google?  blacklivesmatter rolling

read a book?Malcolm-Middle-Finger watch something besides fox news?flag-noose
The HELP lied. beyonce no  non finger
You are not special, good, kind or important.
Mutha fuka you ain’t shit but white.angela basset car on fire

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NO Patience for the BullShit

July 24, 2015

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

nicki shots

I have no patience for white tears.

all the privilege unchecked

White fragility

.white tears

White lies.

white womens tears collection

White privilege

.white privilege

white supremacy

.white opinions NO

At some point racial, cultural, historical ignorance is willful.

prince head move rolling side eye

You as a white person in America want to believe the lies despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Systemic and structural racism are real and killing people of color.

No I won’t apologize for it and won’t lie to make you feel better.


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a friend that doesn’t get it…

July 24, 2015

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

Hello Friend.

Do you have a non Black friend who wants you to educate them while they combatively cling to anti Black racism and/or white supremacy?

Do you have a black friend who seeks to evoke notions of respectability politics, calling you a militant or radical while decrying DonLemon and other ooftahs?

Are you two snaps from cussing them all out as you struggle with grief, searching for some understanding and resolution?

Well friend, before you kick that ass there is hope.

Send that fool to GOOGLE!

Yes Google.

Whatever the question concern or comment tell them to GOOGLE IT!

Don’t understand what privilege is? Google it.

Implicit Bias? Google it.

Internalized racism? Google it.

Intersectionality? Google it.

The Internet is a vast and wondrous place full of information on history and more!

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July 19, 2015

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

As much as I respect the right of people who need to forgive in their grief about Charleston…

I fully expect my grief to be respected.

I am pissed to hell and back!!

the cumulative effect of white supremacy and privilege and fragility are literally killing my people and


I had tears for SandyHook and the loss of live. the Aurora theater… GabbyGifford…

where are the white tears for the lose of Black life.

i hear crickets and scrambling for excuses..

all you good black and white people you are oblivious to race issues.

I dont see it.
what did he have on?
why was she there?
pull up you pants.
some of my friends are….
did she say nigger, then why was it racist?
you should just ignore it.
we should pray it away
if you really…

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