Decolonize Your Mind: WAKE THE FUCK UP

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

I really want Black people to answer outloud Malcolm’s question.

Who taught you to hate your hair?

Your skin?

I am bored witless by news of respectability politics to require I look white to have value.

Wake The Fuck Up!!

Decolonize your mind!

Kick the Oppressor out of your mind and our community!

I have an ignorant ass uncle

[(by marriage) but someone related to me by blood fucks him so… ]

ignorant ass church deacon uncle who shit on me when I loc’d my hair.

“No I don’t like it God didn’t mean for you hair to be nappy.

God wants your hair to be smooth and straight.”

This college educated buffoon who himself has nappy hair that he brushed oiled and cut into a waves.

This muthafukkin man so black in complexion that he could pass for black patent leather on a hot sunny day.

Didn’t realize that…

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