First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

stop the BULLSHIT!!!

it is well past time that we as a people got over the lies and misdirection of respectability politics.

a few weeks ago I attacked white privilege on a white woman’s post on Facebook.

a white man came after me and others in protection of this woman as if I had threatened his life and livelihood.

shit happens to Black people and I hear crickets..

how is it that we sit complacently by as our children are harmed?

worse- how is it that so many of us make excuses for white privilege and white supremacy when it harms and kills Black people.rupaul opera glasses

I had two black men ask me “But what did he do?” when I posted my support of Martese Johnson at UVa.

“but why did he run?
that music is too loud. and
she should have done what he said.”
don’t fly anymore and actually…

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