Looking for my Tribe

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

I am looking for my tribe
I am bored with hate and meanness.
it is not a part of human experience and must be taught.
it take work to be hard hearted and mean to other humans based on what
it is all just so profoundly stupid.

so if that is how you roll – unfriend me now… its okay –
i wont be offended
wont shed a fucking tear.

and be clear i don’t care your excuse for your shallow ass hatred.

“its a sin” – fuck you
“a person like that group was mean to my great grand father” – go to hell
“i am an idiot” – yes you are
“Its how I was raised” – don’t give a flying fuck

when you bring hate and meanness to the table – you are cordially invited to find another damn table.

being mean…

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