parent like no one is watching

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

I think as people and as parents we get all caught up in what people will think.
when pregnant with my second child, my eldest decided to pull a tantrum in Marshall Fields State Street store. I was BIG pregnant and the boys are about 18 months apart. we were in the jewelry make up area, because all i could treat myself to was earring or lipstick as nothing else made any sense.
in all honesty I feel that the tantrum was partly my fault. We were leaving some fun toddler activity and I asked my aunt wanted to stop and get something at Fields. I was along for the ride.
well my son was not having it and stretched out in the middle of a main aisle. he yelled in his loudest outdoor voice and kicked his hard bottom shoes in the air.

I dont know what made me…

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