can an African American appropriate African Culture? can a Polish American appropriate Polish Culture?

First you Survive/ Then you Thrive

So I read this article

For the life of me, I need to know:

Can Black people culturally appropriate one other?

It’s a nuanced question that seems to either set tempers aflare or create vacuums of silence in a room but, after going through pictures taken at the latest Afropunk Festival, it’s definitely one that I have to ask.

And if Blacks can, why is the disgust and uproar surrounding this ongoing phenomenon only reserved for instances when White people appropriate us?

Please read the article for yourself so that I don’t influence you with my interpretation of the authors query.

my response to the article was as visceral as it was not nuanced. I felt orphaned yet again. Having been stolen from my mother by a father who didnt love to learn that my mother didnt care either really pissed me off.

1. My first thought was…

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