No Pickle Juice

May 11, 2016

I am not drinking the pickle juice
Some males just aren’t ready to see women as equals, intellectually or any other way. They can play nice until you challenge their precious and fragile male (I have a penis, I must be right) Privilege. 

Then their little pea heads explode, their dicks go limp as that little ‘Mint Condition/Never removed from box’ brain rolls around in a demented quest for fire. 
2 signs you are dealing with a male and not a man.
1.  They tell you all about themselves and never ask you about you.

” after high school, I went to college and then graduate school. I like this type of movie and that type of music. I go to this church and work over yonder”… and then never ask about your life and history. And if you try to volunteer the information they cut you off)
2.   You ask a question about their accomplishments or innate ability and it 

never occurs to them, that you know enough to ask about it. ( “dude – I am listening to you and do you know your IQ?” “yes it is 399″ *thinking- really lala. I got you beat by 53points… but you wont ask me shit about me”
And when it does come up… they loose it. 
One dude attacked me. 

We could have been Martin and Coretta – but you are hung up on that feminism bullshit. 

We could have been Malcolm and Betty – but you are an atheist.
DUDE!!— we were never gonna be either of those couples because you ain’t never gonna be Malcolm, Martin, Marcus, Frederick, Nat, Steve, Nelson.  

Dude, you are one drink away from being Ike and a condom away from being that guy on Iyanla Fix My Life.

You Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather, Bill Cosby, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson mutha fukka

world stop
carry on