Chicago. Crime. Crisis

August 30, 2016

Pay Attention!!!
Bruce Rauner and the budget crisis he and Rahm created destroyed services designed to address violence and other concerns in Chicago. 

So they have fucked up the schools 

made it harder to get healthcare and 

made the city less safe. 
Where are Meeks and Brooks now?

What are you praying for now?
You can’t remove supports systems in a community already impoverished and expect shit to not get worst. 


8 shot overnight! Questions every Chicagoan needs to ask

October 8, 2013

This is a question that every Chicago resident should contemplate?

I woke this morning to news that 8 people were shot overnight in Chicago!

If the Mayor has put more cops on the street, as a police presence, and more on the street as community liaisons, outreach, why is crime still ‘high’ in poor, black and brown communities and still low or non-existent in wealthier and white communities?

Where are these police officers who are working to make black brown and poor neighborhoods safer? Because we have had a rash of park shootings and it feels like that outreach, community liaison officers are not in the information loop! And the extra policing isn’t helping either!

Or maybe the ‘additional officers’ were not real? Or they are real, but were placed in communities where they are not needed as badly? Or perhaps the crime statistics spouted by the media are doctored to make brown and black communities seem more violent and dangerous, when in fact they really aren’t.

The bottom line is that it is not working. The mayor is being ‘booed’ at Northwestern games  because someone has finally figured out that you can’t sacrifice a part of the city to lawlessness because the residents are poor and black and brown.  Image